A Comment on the Present Moment

Fresh out of graduate school in 1980 as a newly-minted economist, I entered the financial services industry assuming that the “capital markets” functioned with an almost clinical, rational efficiency: directing capital towards productive agents and high-quality ideas that offered compelling data supportive of their being able to generate the highest…


For many years, conventional wisdom has suggested that quantum computing may change the world by disrupting dominant industries including telecommunications, cybersecurity, manufacturing, finance, and healthcare. Recent news coverage and research and development by technology giants, including Google, Microsoft, Intel, and IBM has increased enthusiasm about the possibilities of quantum…

The criteria for classifying a private equity firm as woman and/or minority-owned often varies. In this market review, we only consider private equity firms that are majority owned (>50%) by ethnic minorities[1] and/or women. The firms must be based in, and primarily investing in, the United States.

The universe of…

Fairview Capital

Innovative and Intelligent Venture Capital and Private Equity Investments

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